Wednesday, 1 April 2015

[REVIEW] EMINA : My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm

Hi Readers !
What's your favorite Lip products ? Lip Tint? Lip Balm ? Lip Tattoo ? Lipstick ?
I bet Girls will love the product in this post . It's called "My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm" by Emina .

Hari ini aku akan Review "My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm" by Emina . Lip Product itu salah satu hal terpenting untuk para cewek , Why? Karena Perona bibir bisa mengubah Image kita dan menjadi ciri khas kita sendiri. Jadi, Kalian harus selektif dalam memilih Lip Products

My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm 

*Packaging :
It comes with Pink box and the main products looks like Pink crayon. The Packaging is very simple and cute . Overall, I love the packaging 
*Color        :

Ignore my pimple errrr 

This  is the color. I think it is pigmented. It looks good on my lips with glossy effect . I love this product for daily use , but sometimes I will remove the glossy effect using tissue , so It will look more natural

What I like :
+ Simple and Cute Packaging
+ Cheap
+Good Color
What I dislike :

Well, I love this product and I will highly recommend this product for everyone cause Its performance. It will stay on your lips for 1 or 2 hours but If you eat something, I think you need to re-apply this Lip color balm.

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Good Luck :*

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  1. kak aku juga kepengen banget nyobain lip colour balmnya tapi pengen yg warnanya lebih merah hehe :)


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