Saturday, 29 October 2016


Hello Preciouz!
Today, I wanna review a new product from Wardah that I got from Sociolla. This product was named Wardah C-Defense DD Cream with vit. C, #light. Well, This is the first time I tried DD Cream, I was curious since BB Cream and CC Cream are good make-up products that everyone should try. Let's see how it works!

Hari ini aku balik lagi dengan review Wardah C-Defense DD Cream, #light dari Sociolla. Nah, Ini pertama kalinya aku nyobain DD cream, karena itu penasaran banget. BB cream itu salah favorit ku dan aku harap DD cream juga jadi favorit ku ! 

Monday, 10 October 2016

3 Products To Moisturize Your Lips

Hello Preciouz!
This time, I wanna share my favourite products to moisturize my lips. I don't like using lipstick when my lips dry and crack, it will look bad, disgusting, just nah :( . So, I have been gave much attention to moisturize my lips. I even place lip balm in my car, so I can apply it regularly, in case I don't bring lip balm in my make-up bag. This 3 products moisturized your lips best. What are they ?

Kali ini aku akan share 3 produk favorit aku untuk melembabkan bibir. Menggunakan lipstick saat bibir kering dan pecah-pecah hanya akan membuat kita terlihat kurang menarik, sehingga menjaga kelembapan bibit sangatlah penting. Karena itulah aku sangat memperhatikan produk yang kugunakan sebagai lip moisturizer ku setiap hari nya.

Monday, 3 October 2016


Hello Preciouz!
Lately, I really wanted to have eye shadow palette, I decided to buy Revealed 2 Palette from Coastal Scents. Coastal Scents is known for their affordable prices that have super good quality, I have tried this for several time when doing makeup on my bestie home, and I got mine too Yeay! If you are curious about pigmentation and performance, let's read more!

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