Saturday, 19 December 2015

Igari Style , Japanese Make Up Tutorial

Hi Preciouz!

Holiday is here! Yeay!! I'm so happy hahahahha so I'm back with a new make-up tutorial called Igari Make-up. Some people called this hangover makeup, but This is a slightly different style to the hangover makeup as it’s an updated style by Igari Shinobu. Igari style suits for winter makeup, exactly for this winter season 2015. Well, I live in Indonesia but Igari style caught my attention hahahaha so I tried and the result.... what do you think, Preciouz? ;)

Let's start now !
As you can see , Igari style focus on cheek part and pure image. The cheek make up can make us look younger or we can say baby face ^^

Face :
  1. I'm using long wear cushion by innisfree, well I have been long wear cushion by innisfree for daily make-up , it has dewy finish
  2. For shading, I'm using deep brown eye shadow by emina
Eye :


  1. Make the outer line of your eyebrow to ensure later that you will draw precise shape of eyebrow
  2. Color your eyebrow using brown eyeshadow.
  3. Prime your crease with eye primer or BB Cream (I'm using BB cream as eye primer and It does a great job ).
  4. Apply shimmery gold eyeshadow on your eyelid that match with your skin tone
  5. For eyeliner,  make it looks very natural so use a dark brown gel liner and tight line and extend it slightly if you wish. 
  6. Apply shimmery white eyeshadow on the waterline and the corner of your eyes
  7. Apply mascara to volumize your lashes and make it looks long.
Cheek :
The main focus of this look which is the baby flush cheeks. Use a pinkie blush at the top of your cheeks and also along your nose bridge. the lines shouldn’t be joined and these 3 points are separate points of application. You want to create almost like a semi circle a line then a semicircle.

Lips :
Apply lip concealer , then apply lip tint in the center of your lips then blend it to outer part.

The Final Look!


Product Used :
Innisfree - Long wear cushion
Emina - Pressed Eyeshadow Rouge (Gelato)
Emina - Pink Cream Blush
Maybelline - Brown Gel liner
The Saem - Saemmul Juice Tint [#5 Cranberry Juice]
I think that's all
See you guys on my next post
Good Luck :*


  1. Great job:) You look beautiful:)
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  6. I noticed that Japanese makeup has this unique way to blush over the blusher. Love the result!

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  11. Oh very cute style darling
    Lovely makeup

  12. oooo i like your tale on the igari makeup! your eyemake is more sharp and clean than mine xD

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