Saturday, 14 November 2015


Hi Preciouz!

Well, I will call my readers "Preciouz" from now ^^
I have been busy for this several months because university sucks! I don't have time for posting  :( that's too bad .... So I came back here with my second Haul post , yeay!!!

Lately, I don't spend a lot of money for buying new makeup things because my mom do not allowed it. Last week, I visited Etude House Shop at Mall Kelapa Gading. I bought some nice products there and I want to share with Preciouz. I also bought liptint from online store. Let's see what I got !

Product List :
Etude House - Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring , BR 03 DARK CHOCO TONE DOWN
Etude House - Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill W13
Etude House - My Beauty Tool Any Air Puff (Pink)
Etude House - ABC essential mask sheet Unpolished Rice 
Etude House - ABC essential mask sheet Xylitol Forest
Tony Moly - Delight Tony Tint #01 Pink
Tony Moly - Delight Tony Tint #02 Red

Recently, My skin condititon isn't good >< I need to take care of it more carefully, so I decided to buy mask sheet that help my skin condition. I already used the Xylitot Forest and I satisfied with the result , my skin became softer and moist.

I already finished Dear Darling Tint #04 Vampire Red from Etude House and I love it. Because I need Liptint for daily makeup so I decided to buy tony moly delight tint. Well, I bought it because my friend told me that it is nice product, but I still like my Dear Darling Tint too. I bought the Tony Delight Tint in two shades, the shades are 01 Pink and 02 Red. The color is good. The 02 Red has different shades from my Dear Darling Tint. I love my new tint hahahahahaha 

I also bought Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in shade Natural Beige W13 and the Any Air Puff. Well, my cushion puff became ugly and dirty >< I bought it for stock. The cushion refill comes with the puff, but I know that the puff gets dirty easily. 

 I also bought Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring , BR 03 DARK CHOCO TONE DOWN. I heard that this product is good so I decide to try coloring my hair with this. Hope that I will love the result. I also got superduper kawaii pen form etude house <3

That's all what I got ! yeay! If you want me to make a review for some products above just leave it on the comment! 

I think that's all, see you on my next post
Good Luck Preciouz:*


  1. Very nice items <3
    Have a lovely weekend!:)

  2. wahh haulnya bnyk >3< pen nya lucu bgt yg dr etude ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. ngga banyak :( iya emang lucu parah ><

      thanks for visiting

  3. Wow those are a really nice products! Thats poor because of ur so busy you cant post gradually:( hope u can post more of good products next time, thx for sharing :* xoxoxo

  4. Wah very nice items, kalau boleh tau itu harus siapin budget berapa untuk semuanya? :D

  5. Great haul! Btw, kamu udah pakai Bubble Hair Coloringnya belum ya? Soalnya aku kepengen beli itu tapi takut rambut kering ><


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