About Me

Syarah Khayrun Nisa
Jakarta, September 1st 1998
Beauty Blogger - Student Engineer

Hello Preciouz!
I'm Syarah Khayrunnisa. Born in September 1st 1998. I have special interest for beauty and fashion. Starts blogging in 2014. I do love Korean Music, Drama, Make-up. That's why most of my products and make-up look based on Korean style. I love to share something that I like to others, It makes me happy. Blogging is one of my fav hobby. I also love to editing pic. You can see my editing on instagram : @cakexice . Now, I'm studying at Universitas Indonesia in the third year majoring Metallurgy and Material Engineering. If you rarely hear about my major, that's normal. I study about metal, mineral processing, physical metallurgy, extraction of metal also material and its technology that we use on daily basis. Heat Treatment Process, Corrosion for metal such ah Iron, Steel, Aluminum Alloy and etc, I've learned it. If you wanna ask about my major or anything that related to metallurgy and material engineering, you can directly contact me thru email. I'm so excited when post something new on my blog, and feel so satisfied seeing my blog growing day by day. I hope you guys to keep supporting me and my blog.

XOXO,  Syarah

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