Monday, 20 April 2015


What's up guys?
Hope you all have a good day !
I just finished my national exam ! yeay! I'm happy that I could do my best hehehehe
today, I made this look , well this is my 2nd inspired make-up , hope I can improve my skill every time I post inspired look ! ^^
Exid released new single called "Ah Yeah", I like their concept and all of Exid's members look pretty. One of Exid's members caught my attention, She's Hani, I decided to make this look based on Hani make-up ...

Ah Yeah Ah Yeah Ah Yeah Ah Yeah Ah Yeah

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Hello readers !!!
Today, I wanna give you some information about Green tea. I love green tea to the moon and back ! why ? The benefits of green tea isn't only for our health but also for beauty. Not only the benefits but also the taste, I'm Green tea latte's addict and every food that contain green tea  hahaha

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Hi readers !! I'm back !
Today, I will review "Colorstay Moisture Stain" by Revlon , I got Rio Rush #020 . This product is awesome!!! I love it so much since the first time I applied it .

Thursday, 2 April 2015


What's Up Guys ?
Hope you all have a good day!
Lately I've been really busy because of school exams and other preparations. However , I love Miss A's Only You MV , esp Miss A's make up,  that's why I'm here to do Suzy "Only You" Make up tutorial. 

Namja chingudeul manha
Nan geureohdago sarang haji moshana
Namjal moreuneun yeojan byeollogeodeun
But baby baby oh oh
I have a lot of guy friends
But that doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love
Cuz girls who don’t know men aren’t that great
But baby baby oh oh

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

[REVIEW] EMINA : My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm

Hi Readers !
What's your favorite Lip products ? Lip Tint? Lip Balm ? Lip Tattoo ? Lipstick ?
I bet Girls will love the product in this post . It's called "My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm" by Emina .

Hari ini aku akan Review "My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm" by Emina . Lip Product itu salah satu hal terpenting untuk para cewek , Why? Karena Perona bibir bisa mengubah Image kita dan menjadi ciri khas kita sendiri. Jadi, Kalian harus selektif dalam memilih Lip Products

My Favourite Things Lip Color Balm 

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