Thursday, 2 April 2015


What's Up Guys ?
Hope you all have a good day!
Lately I've been really busy because of school exams and other preparations. However , I love Miss A's Only You MV , esp Miss A's make up,  that's why I'm here to do Suzy "Only You" Make up tutorial. 

Namja chingudeul manha
Nan geureohdago sarang haji moshana
Namjal moreuneun yeojan byeollogeodeun
But baby baby oh oh
I have a lot of guy friends
But that doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love
Cuz girls who don’t know men aren’t that great
But baby baby oh oh

Let's start now !

As you can see here, Suzy's make up looks natural with her pink lips. I love this look so much

Face :
Apply the base , I'm using Etude House Cotton fit BB Cream

Eyes :

1. Make the outer line of your eyebrow to ensure later that you will draw precise shape of eyebrow
2. Color your eyebrow using brown eyeshadow.
4. Prime your crease with eye primer or BB Cream (I'm using BB cream as eye primer and It does a great job ). 
5. Apply Light brown eyeshadow , then apply pink eyeshadow only on the edge of your eyelid
5. Draw winged eyeliner (the thin one) like in the picture. Draw the wing horizontally with your tear duct.
6. Give a dark brown eyeshadow also on the edge of your lower eye, then apply white shimmery eyeliner on water line
8. Apply mascara to volumize your lashes and make it look long.

Lips :
I made Gradient lips with Emina Lip Color Balm then top it with Etude House Dear Darling Tint #4

Cheeks :
I'm using Emina Pink Creamy Blush

For finishing touch, apply highlighter on your forehead, nose , and cheeks
Don't forget shading your nose
Finish !!

The final look ^^

Product Used :
Etude House Cotton Fit BB cream
Etude House Dear Darling Tint #4
Emina Pressed Eyeshadow Rouge (Gelato)
Silky Girl Gel Liner
Emina Pink Cream Blush

I think that's all
See you guys on my next post
Good Luck :*


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