Monday, 4 April 2016


Hello Preciouz!
I bought some make-up at department store yesterday, also bought skin care at drugstore two days ago. I ran out of toner, facial wash, and sheet mask, also my skin in bad condition :( I needed to purchase that asap. Furthermore, I have an idea to make a new tutorial for all of you !

I think this month I will spend a lot of money of make up like palette, brushes, concealer, etc. I cannot control myself when open instagram or online shop web that sell make up things with cute packaging *ex:korean brand, good review, good colors ... huh my money is dying.
Anyway, Let's see what I've got!

Product List:
Maybelline - the Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara
Garnier - Multi Action Toner
Emina - Sun Protection SPF 30 PA++
Emina - My Favourite Things (lip color balm : Shopaholic Queen )
Maybelline - Dream Satin Skin SPF 24 PA++, shades : B2
Celebon - Collagen Essence Mask Platinum
Garnier - Duo Clean Whitening + Oil Control

I have been using Garnier Duo Clean Whitening + Oil Control as facial wash for two months, it does a great job to control oil on my face, also it has adorable prices so I repurchased it. Garnier Multi Action Toner become my favourite toner for this past three monts, it helps me with my acne and big pores, I'll highly recommend this product for people who have oily, big pore, and acne skin type.
I also bought the famous mascara from maybelline , it's called the Magnum Volum' Express. 
I think I'll need fondation for my next make up tutorial and I got Dream Satin Skin SPF 24 PA++, shades : B2.
Now, it's from my favourite local brand ever~ Emina ... yeay! I bough sun block from emina , it has SPF 30 ++ PA. I tried it and I love its scent, I'm gonna use it everyday <3 Anyway, I also got My Favourite Things (lip color balm : Shopaholic Queen ) from clozette x gaudi x emina ^^ I love its color, I already have another shade,I'm happy got a new shade.

I'll report to you guys if I buy new palette, concealer, and other make-up products, Stay Tune!

I think that's all, see you on my next post
Good Luck Preciouz:*


  1. Yayy! Aku paling suka deh liat post haul. :D
    Emina sun protection itu sunblock? Wah, emina punya sunblock juga ya?
    Ditunggu reviewnya ya Syarah.. ^^

  2. So many make up and skincare you have for this haul! I spend quite alot when I shop at Japan as well =D

    Sharon Lee

  3. Oh very good products
    Thank you for share with us

  4. Wah aku penasaran sama sunblock nya emina, aku juga pakai foundie nya maybelline :)


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