Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello Preciouz!
It has been a month since my last post and I'm back with new Haul Post. I got some skincare and make-up products that I wanna share with preciouz, yay!

Lately, I didn't really care about my face condition because I had so many activities at campus and it took most of my time. I came home about 00 AM , sometimes forgot to wash my face, and just sleep. I know that it's bad for my skin and yeah my face is looking dull, got some acne :( . Now, I try to fix it with skincare routine, sooth my skin, and heal it. Also, buy new beauty products this month because in the past two months I don't have time to shop or write blog . Yeay!

Product list:
Denara Bali - Body Butter Cream Green Tea
Herborist - Body Butter Matcha Milk
Vitacreme B12 - Anti-Ageing Serum
Etude House - Drawing Eyebrow #Gray
Kiss Beauty - BB Cinema & TV Make up Studio Glossy Full Lipgloss
Landbis - Perfect Combination Eyeliner Cream + Brown Cream
Nabi - Matte Long Lasting Lip Gloss #Pink Blush
Brush Egg - Candy Pink
Real Techniques - Powder Brush

I got two Body Butter from my bestie Amalia, She just came back from Bali , well Bali is known with their natural skin and body care. I also got Vitacreme Anti Ageing Serum my blogger friends kak Titaz, thansk kak Titaz <3 . Others item , I bought it from 2 shop. I had Core Set Brush from RT, I think I should buy the powder too, I love RT brushes because it is good and has adorable prices. I bought egg brush too, the color candy pink is just to cute >< love it. I'm not into matte lipstick, I already read many good review about nabi matte long lasting lipgloss,so I decided to try it. Lastly, I bought Kiss Beauty - BB Cinema & TV Make up Studio Glossy Full Lipgloss because it looks very natural on my lips. I think I'll give some review for products above ^^ Stay Tune!

I think that's all, see you on my next post
Good Luck Preciouz:*


  1. Jadi kepengen body butternya herborist, ada yg green tea ini ternyata.


  2. Vitacreme B12 Anti Aging Serum ahtidaaak pingin hahahahah x))



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