Monday, 23 May 2016


Hello Preciouz!
I have dark circles and it really annoys me, it makes me look tired. Also, I have many acne scars, when I wear make-up it won't look good without concealer. I have read many good reviews about The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer. That's why I bought this concealer and gave this review.

Kantung mata, bekas jerawat sangat mengganggu make-up nah salah satu solusinya adalah menggunakan concealer. Nah kali ini aku mencoba The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer yang lumayan terkenal di Korea, produk ini mendapatkan banyak good reviews karena performa serta harganya yang murah. Nah aku memutuskan untuk membuat review nya :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

There are 3 colors available for this concealer :
1 Clear Beige
1,5 Natural Beige
2 Rich Beige

I got mine 1,5 Natural Beige.

This product claim :
-Excellent coverage
-SPF28/PA++ UV Protection
-Moisturizing & Nutrition

It is quite small about 6.8 gram, but it's okay since the price is cheap . The packaging is simple. 
Ukuran concealer ini tergolong kecil namun karena harganya yang murah itu normal hehe oh iya packaging juga simpel. 

For the applicator is usual sponge applicator like others concealer product
 Untuk applicator nya tergolong biasa seperti applicator concealer lainnya
Swatch on my hand
1,5 Natural Beige is lighter than my skin tone, well my face is lighter than my hand so the color is okay for me ;)
1,5 Natural Beige di tanganku warnanya lebih terang dari warna kulitku.

You can see above it covers my acne scars perfectly. Well, I've been using this concealer for 3 week for covering my dark circles and it has done a great job! This product has very good performances, it stay all day. It has medium to full coverage, easy to blend. The scent is like have no scent. I think this concealer is better when you not layering it because it might look cakey.

Packaging : Simple, travel friendly, doesn't spoil.
Price : Reasonable! (about $7)
Texture : Creamy (Easy to blend)
Durability : Long lasting
Scent : very subtle, almost unnoticeable

What I like :
+Medium to full coverage
+Long Lasting
+Easy to blend
What I dislike :
-Will look cakey if applied it twice

Rate : 4.3/5

I recommend this product for whose to find concealer that has good performance and friendly price. 


I think that's all, see you on my next post
Good Luck :*


  1. wahhh, bgus kayaknya XD ak lg nyari liquid concealer dan smpet pngen beli ini krna murah jg XD

    1. iya ini bagus kok banyak yg nge recommend ini , coba aja kak! worth it ~
      Thanks for visiting

  2. Keliatannya bagus ya.
    I need concealer tapi lebih mo di pake buat highlight sih bukan buat cover noda.

    Anyway nice review ^^.

  3. The saem ini makin sini makin banyak yang ngerave sayarah...
    Kalau si fit me abis mau coba ini deh hehe :D


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